Petitioning: the power of numbers

I thought you may be interested to know now that our petition has broken the 700 barrier today that the Beauly-Denny 400kV super-grid that no-one wanted achieved over 17,500 objected but was still consented by the Scottish Government.

So we need to do better – much better than this and we will only achieve this by everyone getting behind the petition.  If you have signed it make sure that you get four other people to sign it as well.  Then get them to ensure that each of the four who signed also gets four more to sign.

Do this 5 times and you have 1056 signatures, after 6 times you have 4224 signatures and after 8 times you have a massive 67,584.  One more iteration and we will have enough to make everyone, including the Scottish Government, sit up and take notice that we don’t want this current proposal.  SPEN will have to come back with something that is more sympathetic to people, visual amenity and the environment


One thought on “Petitioning: the power of numbers

  1. Moving down to Dumfries in September. Was horrified to read in local press about this issue.Will certainly sign petition.


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