Targeted Campaign

During the first SPEN consultation we asked our supporters to contact several organisations that should have an interest in the campaign.  Organisations included the Forestry Commission, Ramblers Scotland, Friends of the Earth, SNH and Historic Scotland.  Several got involved and made submissions to SPEN as a consequence.

We have halted this aspect of the campaign until the second round consultation but anticipate re-starting at that point.



4 thoughts on “Targeted Campaign

  1. Can I suggest a Petition for the National Trust for Scotland as well? Ian Whitty who works, I think, at the Carlyle house in Ecclefechan contacted me for information about the pylon proposal so that he can influence his head office. We could help him by lobbying the NTS.


    1. I saw the excellent letter written by Simon Skinner, CEO Nat Trust for Sc, and noted that they have 330,000 members. I have emailed Simon suggesting that he/they should encourage their members to write/email their opposition to SPEN’s proposals.


  2. Has anyone yet contacted the NFU for support? I am not a farmer but I am sure there must be some amongst us with the necessary contacts.


  3. These proposals are being sold to us as Scottish Power (SPEN) BUT they are owned by Iberdrolla a massive Spanish company who don`t give a S#it about us here in Scotland. They are reportedly paying forestry land owners one and a half times the value of the crop when mature no matter how small the trees that die are. They are going to be buying their favour from these sorts!! ie Forestry commission, Scottish Woodlands, Fountain Forestry. These again are all for profit organisations who could be lobbied who may own large tracts of the land needed. it may be too late for these as they have already the £ signs. Though the Forestry Commission do have a fair bit of clout with SPEN because SPEN have so many lines on their property that require permission to remove trees and keep the power going at lower voltages requiring access to these lines for maintainence, They could be an ally if they can be persuaded to be.

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