What to Say

When writing to politicians and organisations, you should explain why you are concerned about SPEN’s plans.  You could use the joint Community Council objection as a guide.  Some points made in that submission (and a few more) are summarised below.

Ideally, use your own words and emphasise the points that concern you most.

• The proposals would destroy the beauty of some of the finest scenery in the country
• Tourism would be badly affected
• The cultural, artistic, literary and historical heritage of the Region would be damaged
• Wildlife would be harmed
• There would be significant damage to the wellbeing of residents and there is a possibility of harm to their health
• There will be significant devaluation of homes and businesses
• The need for the project and its scope should be re-examined in light of the cut in subsidies for on-shore wind farms
• Recent research shows consumers are willing to pay a premium on household energy bills to avoid overhead lines and pylons
• The line should follow the existing pylon route
• The line should be run underground and / or through the sea
• Construction work would be destructive to the tranquillity of the region affecting its residents and visitors


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