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I The Scottish Government have set a target of achieving 100% of electrical energy from renewable sources by 2020.
ii This metric excludes random one-off events and represents the annual electrical energy consumed by approximately 50 homes.
iii This is the summer rating at elevated ambient temperature. The winter rating is higher, typically 132MW.
iv Load factor is typically calculated from the equation (energy supplied in a year/rating of the turbine multiplied by the hours in a year). For Southern Scotland the average load factor varies from 21% in the summer months to 37% in the winter months
v Announced by DECC on the 18 June 2015 and repeated in Parliament on the 22 June 2015
vi Residential visual amenity refers to the visual amenity experienced by residential properties including their gardens. For more information see Gillespies (2014) Wind Turbines & Pylons: Guidance on the application of separation distances from


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