Asymmetric Protesting: improving our effectiveness

So far in our protesting we have tended to aim our concerns towards SPEN.  In this next phase, post 31 August 2015, we need to turn our focus of attention on organisation other than SPEN and make our complaints to them.  We did this to an extent with our elected representatives and this helped us greatly.  Through the pressure they exerted on our behalf SPEN extend the deadline for feedback from the 24 July 2015 to the 31 August 2015 – so this type of asymmetric protest does work.

So, who should be on our list for asymmetric protesting?  Some thoughts come to mind such as the RSPB, Visit Scotland, Thomas Carlyle Society, Robbie Burns Society. There will be many more.

What I would like you all to do is to think about the sort of organisation that would be appalled to learn that SPEN plans to erect  50m tall pylons right across the region.  Let us know and then we can then design and orchestrate a targeted campaign towards these organisations to alert them to the potential destruction of our heritage, environment and wildlife.


7 thoughts on “Asymmetric Protesting: improving our effectiveness

  1. I received a contact through my online petition from an employee of the National Trust for Scotland locally. I gave him some information. As a consequence he was going to speak to his headquarters with a view to getting them to enter a protest.


  2. I have been emailing anyone I can find who could lend weight to the campaign including the ones you have lisled. Here are a couple of suggetions:

    Autumn Watch is coming to D&G so email:
    re danger and threat to our wonderful wildlife esp at Caerlavrock

    MOD – In 2013 the MOD were consulted on a planning application for 3 35m turbines. Their response included the following requirements:- “The MOD will request that all turbines be fitted with 25 candela omni-directional red lighting AND infrared lighting with an optimised flash pattern of 60 flashes per minute of 200ms to 500ms duration at the highest practicable point.”

    “SPEnergy (SPEN) have now issued proposals for a new overhead power line running from Harker, north of Carlisle, to Auchencrosh in south Ayrshire. The line will be supported by 50m (165ft) pylons. These pylons will be 15m (50ft) taller than any others in D&G. We have lived here for 26 years and are very concerned having witnessed many low flying military exercises in this corridor, including Chinooks with vehicles suspended beneath them.

    We hope that the MOD, when consulted, will share our concerns and respond that the proposed route is dangerous and inappropriate. We hope the MOD will support a proposal to either route the line sub-sea along the Solway coast or bury it, as have been successfully used elsewhere.”

    Email MOD –


  3. Another useful body to lobby could be The Dumfries and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society – details below:
    Founded in 1862 “The objects of the Society shall be to collect and publish the best information on the natural sciences and antiquities (including history, records, genealogy, customs and heraldry) of the three counties of Dumfries, Kirkcudbright and Wigtown; to procure the preservation of objects of natural science and antiquities relative to the district; to encourage local research and field activities in natural science and excavations by private individuals or public bodies and afford them suggestions and co-operation; to prevent as far as possible, any injury to ancient monuments and records, etc.; and to collect photographs, drawings and descriptions and transcripts of the same.” (Rule 2)

    Email contact:

    Also keep encouraging people to sign the 38-degrees petition.


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