Holiday Destination of the Year?

Dumfries and Galloway has been named UK Holiday Destination of the Year by fans of the popular BBC programme, Countryfile.  For those of us who live in the region, we are not surprised, we are perhaps a little smug for we have enjoyed the secret all along.  The area is stunning and being here brings … More Holiday Destination of the Year?


Energy Bill Progress

The Energy Bill is progressing through Parliament.  It had its 2nd reading in the House on the 18 January and the transcription in Hansard is an interesting read (about 3/4 of the way through under Column 149 with the reading beginning at 4.30pm). The Energy Bill is important to Scotland and to us particularly as … More Energy Bill Progress

What to Say

When writing to politicians and organisations, you should explain why you are concerned about SPEN’s plans.  You could use the joint Community Council objection as a guide.  Some points made in that submission (and a few more) are summarised below. Ideally, use your own words and emphasise the points that concern you most. • The … More What to Say

Asymmetric Protesting: improving our effectiveness

So far in our protesting we have tended to aim our concerns towards SPEN.  In this next phase, post 31 August 2015, we need to turn our focus of attention on organisation other than SPEN and make our complaints to them.  We did this to an extent with our elected representatives and this helped us greatly.  Through … More Asymmetric Protesting: improving our effectiveness

D&Gs Future Business Development: does it need this upgrade?

Last week Deborah Galbraith posed an interesting question after receiving a reply to her concerns about SPENs proposal from one of the area’s politicians. In essence the response from the politician stated that while they have similar concerns to Deborah about the routeing and the apparent lack of consideration of the alternatives they believe the … More D&Gs Future Business Development: does it need this upgrade?

Getting your voice heard: communicating with Dumfries & Galloway Councillors

When you want to make representation to elected Councillors to express your concerns about SPENs proposals for the Strategic Reinforcement Project and particularly how it will blight you, your family and your community it is not an easy task to access the e-mail addresses of all the Councillors so what I have done is to bring … More Getting your voice heard: communicating with Dumfries & Galloway Councillors